Brolin urge Masing go ahead and sue if have the proof on MPKK


Press Statement by Brolin Nicholsion:

In response to James Jemut Masing statement published in Sarawak Tribune that suggested whoever finances the MPKK shall befall under the money laundering act.

I would like to suggest to him, go ahead and you are welcome to do so if you have the balls. As a Deputy Minister to all Sarawakians, you must walk the talk, Don’t only know how to publish statement in media and yet don’t have the guts to lodge the report by yourself.

GPS especially James Masing has always misunderstood the concept of MPKK. MPKK was introduced by the federal government to help the federal government distribute the wealth of the country to every Malaysians and the MPKK does not have the right to interfere the locals’ adat which still falls to the tuai rumah or Ketua kaum for the particular kampung. While MPKK only have the right to manage the allocations from the federal government.

Over the years, GPS always treat the Tuai Rumah and Ketua Kaum as their political puppets to threaten those who support Pakatan Harapan. Aren’t you guys also abusing the power towards the Tuai Rumah and Ketua Kaum?

So if James Masing has the guts and to prove what he said is correct, go ahead and lodge the report toward the Federal Government. Don’t only be a paper tiger in Sarawak.

Brolin Nicholsion
Special officer to YB Wong King Wei