The diversity of Sarawak is precisely the principle upheld by DAP


Statement By Soo Tien Ren:

In the past six state elections, the rise of the PAS made Sarawakians acutely aware that being in Malaysia, they couldn’t remain isolated from the ‘green wave.’

As the defender of progressive forces, the DAP not only gained favor among urban voters but also achieved considerable success in semi-urban and rural areas.

For instance, the DAP secured victory in the Sungai Pelek constituency, where Malays constituted the majority at 56%. In Kuala Kubu Baru, a state constituency with only 30% Chinese-Malaysian voters is also retained by DAP. Similarly, in Sekinchan, where Malays make up 45% of the population, and the surrounding state constituencies are predominantly indigenous, Ng Suee Lim secured the highest majority in history. The DAP has maintained a streak of five consecutive victories. These instances demonstrate that Malays acknowledge the DAP’s goals of diversity, progressiveness, and openness.

However, today, some political party are attempting to steer Sarawak towards a more closed and narrowed minded direction, influenced. This direction closely mirrors the PAS approach. In Kelantan, the PAS’s conservative and local discourse led to decades of underdevelopment and even water pollution issues, humorously referred to as ‘teh tarik’.

Sarawak government’s increasing focus on outward development, the Premier of Sarawak, Abang Johari, appeared in Selangor to support the Unity Government’s candidate, and Tourism Minister Dato Seri Tiong King Sing appeared in Penang to support the Penang DAP Chairman and Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow. The Sarawak government is actively cooperating with the federal government to promote various policies. This also indicates that Sarawak cannot detach itself from federal politics.

However, the SUPP repeatedly advises Sarawakians to reject all external influences.

Sarawakians, how many years have we rejected foreign influences? Haven’t we rejected enough in these years? Do we, Sarawakian satisfy with the developments of these years? Do we want to follow the path of Kelantan?

Sarawakians, it’s time to embrace openness, accept new ideas, and allow Sarawak to reap the benefits of global development, making Sarawak truly advanced and progressive.