Aziz Distributing Moon Cake At 3rd Mile Bazaar


Press Statement By Abdul Aziz:

In conjunction with Mid-Autumn Festival, DAP Batu Kitang Chairman Abdul Aziz Isa and his team went to the 3rd Mile Bazaar to distribute 500 mooncakes to the local hawkers and visitors.

The Mooncake or Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest traditional festivals celebrated by the Chinese and the Sinosphere. Held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, this year Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 1st October (Thursday).

According to Chinese belief, the Mooncake Festival is held in conjunction with the emergence of a full moon that looks brighter than usual, hence the mooncake is a must and symbolic of the celebration as a day of uniting the whole family.

Like many Chinese customs, the origins of the mooncake lie in ancient times, in this case, a time of social and political triumph – the overthrowing of the oppressive Mongol dynasty.

On the day of Mid-Autumn, the Chinese coordinated and passed around the message to overthrow the regime with a piece of paper inside the mooncake. Then, the oppressive regime that had lost the support of the people, which also equally means lost the mandate of heaven in the Chinese belief, was successfully overthrown by the masses. That night, unity and righteousness shined under the full moon.

Even the dynasty in the ancient time had to command the support and mandate of the people to rule rightfully, not to mention a modern democratic nation like Malaysia should even respect the peoples mandate.

In the 14th General Election (GE14), 12,299,514 (82.32%) out of 14,940,624 registered voters had cast their votes. Out of this, 5,799,158 (48.00%) had voted for Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Parti Warisan Sabah (WARISAN). On the other hand, 4,080,797 voted for Barisan Nasional (BN) and while the remaining 2,041,186 voted for Pan-Malaysian Islamic Front (PAS).

With many Malaysians brave themselves to come out to vote in GE14 despite all the hurdles impliedly and expressly created the then BN regime through the Election Commission (EC), both PH and WARISAN managed to secure a simple majority to capture Putrajaya with a total of 121 seats. This was the first time in Malaysian political history that the peoples mandate was rightfully given to the opposition through a democratic process.

Unfortunately, the democratically elected federal government led by PH and WARISAN unable to retain the peoples mandate when it was stolen by the traitors through the so-called Sheraton Move.

As a right-thinking citizen, is this the proper way to form a government? Is this a democratically elected government that received the peoples mandate?

If no, then the Malaysians still have the chance to use their rights as an eligible voter to overthrow a corrupted regime that surrounded by the convicted thief, corrupted politicians and autocratic leaders. The only way the right-thinking Malaysians can do this is through the democratic process which the general and state elections which is expected to be held soon.

Have a mooncake and stay safe, we shall unite and uphold rakyat’s mandate.

Abdul Aziz Isa
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Batu Kitang Branch Chairman