SUPP Creating Hideous Lies Based On The Covid-19 Pandemic For Its Political Survival


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

SUPP as a part of the GPS government in Sarawak should have access to the information and know that restrictions were only imposed starting 21.9.2020 and home quarantine was imposed starting 25.9.2020.

The fact is that I came back to Sarawak from my Sabah trip on 20.9.2020 which is before any restriction was imposed.

I have complied fully with the SOP set out by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee, e-health declaration and entry before 20.09.2020. Yet, despite the full compliance, it still becomes an issue cooked up by the SUPP politicians.

If full compliance with the SOP of the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee is a concern of SUPP leaders then there must be something wrong with the SOP.

SUPP should tell the public what is wrong with the SOP, not just shooting and targeting at me.

If SUPP can’t point out what’s wrong with the SOP, then the SUPP is merely trying to politicize and smear the Dap despite the full compliance of the sop by Dap leaders.

SUPP is now clearly bankcrupt of all capitals there are and resorting to creating hideous lies based on the covid 19 pandemic for its political survival.

Chong Chieng Jen
Chairman DAP Sarawak