YB Kelvin Yii celebrates Christmas with the children and volunteers from Salvation Army Kuching


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

In conjunction with the upcoming Christmas Celebration, the children and volunteers from Salvation Army Kuching was treated to a day at the movies, Christmas gifts and a warm meal by YB Kelvin Yii, MP Bandar Kuching in collaboration with MBO Cinemas, The Spring Mall Management as well as Brilliant Inspiration Academy(BIA).

The team managed to bring some Christmas cheer to a total of 92 children and volunteers from the Salvation Army to not only share the love and joy of the festivities with the children, but also to appreciate all the sacrifice, and contributions of the volunteers throughout the year.

Thanks to sponsorship of MBO and The Spring, we booked a whole cinema hall and treated the children and volunteers with a movie as well as handed out some simple Christmas gifts consisting of toiletries and basic necessities worth RM 30 to each child.

On top of that, we also gave RM50 worth of book and stationary vouchers so they can go pick out any book or stationaries in MPH as an effort to encourage each of them to read and also to prepare for the returning of school that will be reopening soon. We also treated them to a nice meal together after the movie and also some ice cream after.

It really warms our hearts to hear the laughter of the children enjoying themselves during the movie and even during the meal. Many of the children were excited to receive their gifts. The joy and happiness in the face of the children made every effort worth it.

This festive season is about love, joy and also giving regardless of race, religion or even background. The best gift you and i can give to any child is your love, attention and time. I believe and encourage that this season is a good opportunity for us all to share some joy with someone less fortunate or even with someone that is outside of our common circle.

Regardless of race and religion, it is good that we all celebrate the festival together because Sarawak is where we live in great understanding, tolerance and harmony.

In this season of celebration, we want to make sure that no one gets left behind because we all have a part to play to build a caring, loving and healthy society in Kuching