Severe Cracks Found On The Structure and Façade Of Shop Houses In Jln Market


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

Occupants of some shophouses in Jalan Market next to ‘Perbadanan Urusan Kejuruteraan dan Limbungan Brooke’ are concerned by severe cracks on the façade and structure of the buildings. It is believed that the nearby never-ending construction project seems to aggravated the cracks.

The main pillars at one of the shops also appeared tilted, with some big chunks of concrete that can be seen about to fall apart. This raises serious concern, and If the cracks are left unattended and the ground movement continues, the building’s structural integrity may be compromised and endanger its occupants. DBKU urged to step in and look into the matter seriously to thwart any unwanted incident from happening. It is understood that the matter has been brought to DBKU’s attention multiple times, some as early as 2020 but met with disappointment.

As with its rich and century-old history, the foundation of many old shophouses here could be stone, brick, or hard timber. This makes them susceptible to ground movement, unlike the stronger and thicker reinforced concrete being used today. DBKU needs to ensure that any upgrading project in the city on such a historic site needs serious and careful consideration of the method being used to carry out the project, not to upset the foundation.

Ironically, the ongoing project here also became an eyesore in this part of the city and caused great inconveniences to both businesses and users. It is plagued with delays after delays. It is only proper for DBKU to engage with the business community here to have a true sense of its severity, especially on businesses that have been greatly affected by the said construction project.