Sarikei DAP Criticised Council Chairlady For Missing In Action


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Mr.Wong Pak Ming, vice-chairman of DAP , Sarikei Branch criticised a chairlady of a local council is always absent from her office. So, it causes inconvenient to the public.

Since the election of ADUN in May , 2016, she was appointed as a chairlady of a local council.

Since then , it seemed that she was not interested as a chairlady of a local council. She is a full time chairlady and is paid by the local council.

Oftenly, whenever the hawkers or the public come to see her in her office , she is always absent from her office.

In the past , the chairmen of the local council were always in their office to discharge their duties with acceptoinal of her absent from the office frequently. At the amonut , Mr Wong as a capacity of a local resident come to vist her in her office to discuss some matters , but he was informed that she was not in the office as well .He had personally experienct it.

Worst then over , she is not in office at all and is in Kuching, whenever there is a ADUN meeting and give a hand to handle and deal the political matters.

Mr. Wong urges her to be a full time chairlady of the local council and to stay in her office. If she has no confident as a charlady of the local council , please resign her post and give way to the others.

It is learnt that beside the council’s office, she has other office in other place and doing other works. Does she is holding two posts at the same time?