Public Worries PBB Convention Might Increase Covid-19 Cases


Press Statement By Irene Chang:

AS the number of Covid-19 cases rise in the country, PBB’s convention in Sibu today has raised concerns of new infections spreading.

Bukit Assek assemblywoman Irene Chang said that while Sarawakians were relieved the state has been spared the recent surge of cases, people are concerned that big gatherings and political conventions are allowed to continue.

“I have received many calls and messages from people who have expressed their worries after reading the news on the PBB convention in Sibu today.”

The convention is to be attended by almost 1,000 people from all over Sarawak.

Chang said even though the state has stepped up on the SOP, which includes banning non-Sarawakians entering from Sabah, more needed to be done to stop the possible spread of the pandemic within the state itself.

“This is because the entry ban only starts on Oct 4 while many people have been travelling to and from Sabah as well as other states which have seen an alarming increase of cases.

“Therefore, it is only prudent that for the time being, all big gatherings and conventions in Sarawak be disallowed for at least two weeks.”

She said Sarawak’s economy cannot afford another decline when it has yet to fully recover from the past few months when the country went through different types of MCO.

“The people have suffered enough with many businesses closing down. As far as possible, they should go virtual for those conventions which cannot be delayed.”