Overdue Upgrade And Maintenance Work On Drainage Along Jalan Green Adjacent To SJK(C) ST. PAUL


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

We did a site visit along Green Road adjacent to SJK(C) St. Paul to ascertain the reported drainage condition after receiving parents’ feedback. The public told us that accidents frequently occur at the junction near the traffic light crossroad with Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (formerly Jalan Keretapi). We discovered scratched markings and severely damaged railing on the said location. We also received confirmation from people on the ground that few mishaps had occurred on that said ‘hot spot’. The said drainage is also overdue for an urgent upgrade where severely damage retaining wall can be seen along the stretch.

We have made an official report to DBKU for an urgent upgrade on the overdue old drainage system and upgrade it to a concealed type of drainage system. We were also concerned about the frequency of usage by students and parents along the walkway. Hence, we proposed to DBKU as for temporal measure, safety fence should be built immediately along the walkway leading up to the nearby school. The type of fencing should also be suitable and capable of offering some protection to children from nearby schools. The walkway can be slippery during raining season. Should flash flood occurs, the water level may rise and eventually covers available visual references; without any safety fence, users will not be able to distinguish the actual drainage location and risk walking into it.

We were pleased to receive a prompt reply from DBKU. We were informed that they had taken note of the report, and a proposal will be submitted for the coming 2021 Malaysian Road Records Information System (MARRIS 2021) allocation. We were also told that a report was submitted to MBKS since MBKS built the current damage safety fence (railing). We suggested that the damaged safety fence be repaired immediately since it currently poses a real danger to the public.

Julian Tan
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen.