None of us except Kelvin was tested COVID-19 positive during fundraising dinner.


Statement by Michael Kong:

As the organising chairman for the recent DAP Fundraising Dinner on 07/03/2020, I owe a statement and clarification to our fellow attendees especially after the event was listed as one of the identified clusters as possible local sources of Covid-19 in Kuching.

I would like to clarify that nobody who attended the event (other than YB Kelvin Yii) tested positive for Covid-19. All those who were seated in the same table as YB Kelvin Yii either tested negative or had no symptoms and was asked to undergo home quarantine.

During the past one week or so, there were rumours about me testing positive for Covid-19. Many friends, colleagues and even reporters contacted me to confirm the rumours but I told them that they were completely untrue.

On 16/03/2020 (Monday), I visited the Sarawak General Hospital and also Klinik Kesihatan Jalan Masjid to conduct tests so as to ascertain whether I had contracted Covid-19. This was after I was urged by my colleagues and family members in light of my indirect exposure to Sarikei MP, YB Andrew Wong Ling Biu. I was turned away because I did not have any direct exposure with YB Andrew Wong and was assured by the medical professionals that I was fine.

The next day on 17/03/2020, I was informed that Bandar Kuching MP, Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen tested positive for Covid-19. In order to allay any fears, I immediately made my way towards the Sarawak General Hospital to have tests conducted. This time although I had direct exposure to YB Kelvin Yii, I was told that tests were not required and instead to practice self home quarantine for the next four days (21/03/2020 being the last day since my last contact with YB Kelvin Yii).

As I was about to leave Sarawak General Hospital, I bumped into a good friend who works as a doctor there. Upon finding out what had happened, he told me that he would arrange for me to be quarantined in their Quarantine Center. This was not because I tested positive but as a precautionary measure. As a family friend, he knows that I am currently staying with people whose health conditions will make them extremely vulnerable if exposed to Covid-19 (if I really did contract it). His concern and personal interest for the well being of my family members led me to being quarantined.

I have since undergone extensive tests at the Sarawak General Hospital and am certified to be free of Covid-19. Nonetheless, the doctors are still ordering me to undergo quarantine for monitoring purposes and also to make sure I do not bring any harm to my friends and family. YB Kelvin Yii has since been tested for a second time and his results came back negative as well.

Hats off to the professionals and all those at the front-line who work tirelessly and go out of their way to make sure that this infectious disease is properly contained. It is not an easy task to constantly face the anxious public and to repeatedly remind them on what to do in such pressing times. It is through their endless sacrifice that we have that glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow. Let us all continue to pray that this passes over soon and that we can all come together and rebuild up this nation.