DAP Purchased Medical Disposables Worth RM107,050 to be Delivered to SGH Soon


Statement by Chong Chieng Jen:

Yesterday, the Occupational Safety and Health Association of Sarawak General Hospital sent out an open letter appealing to the public for the donation of medical disposables for use by the healthcare workers in Sarawak General Hospital, namely, coverall suit (Tyvek or equivalent), head cover, isolation gown, boot cover, N95 respirators and face shield or goggles and the respective quantity needed.  These personal protective equipment are necessary to protect the healthcare workers from being infected with covid-19.

Upon receipt of the open letter, we have mobilized our members nationwide to try source for the medical disposables.  There is difficulty in getting the supply as the whole country and even the whole world is looking for them.

However, from our contacts in Johor, we managed to get the supply of most of the items sought for.  The respective prices and quantities of the items are listed in the invoice attached.

The total cost to purchase these items ex-factory is RM107,050.00. Freight charges to send the items to Kuching is sponsored by a DAP member from West Malaysia.

For the purchase of the items, I shall donate RM10,000.00.  YB King Wei, YB Violet and YB Kelvin Yii each donated RM5,000 for the purchase.  We would like also to thank everyone for your generosity.

We hope to get the supply of these items to the healthcare workers in Kuching as soon as possible.

I wish also to make clear that the items listed are only for the immediate and short term needs of the Sarawak General Hospital.  For long term supply, we shall need the Government to quickly step in to ensure continuity of supply.