More Than 100 New Members Injected, DAP Setting Up BAU Branch


DAP in Bau have a new injection of strength on 2-7-2020 with more than 100 new members led by Granda Aing joining the party and setting up the DAP Bau Branch. The new branch will work hand-in-hand with the existing DAP Tasik Biru Branch in providing service to the people in the Bau region and also preparing for the coming Sarawak State elections.

This is the 5 th new branch in the southern region of Sarawak set up after the start of the Recovery Movement Control Order on 10-6-2020, Sg Tapang branch, Stapok branch, Maong Bazaar Branch, Green Road Branch.

The DAP’s strength is integrity and discipline. These are values now very scarce in the Malaysian politics where betrayals, back-stabbing, selfishness and party-hopping have become the new norms.

As the chairman of DAP Sarawak, I am glad that ordinary Sarawakians still hold highly and appreciate such values in a political party as this is evident in an influx of new members to the party, especially after the fall of the PH Government in March this year.

DAP will continue to be the pillar of integrity in politics, adhering to the principles of democracy, good governance and justice for all.

In the past 22 months of PH government, DAP’s insistence on good governance, especially open tenders for government procurements and contracts have antagonised many, including those State Governments held by the then Opposition and also those within the PH Government. That may also explain why the political parties in Sarawak will choose to work with PAS and UMNO rather than working with DAP.

After the fall of the PH Government and the MCO, we now see many government contracts being awarded without any open tender process. The “good” old days of direct negotiation and invited tenders for huge government contracts are now back in business, providing the gravy train for the cronies of the power that be.

For the future of the country and our future generations, we must continue to strive to stop such patronage politics. Otherwise, the whole country will soon go down the drain.

My advice to the new members is to uphold the good values of DAP and to serve the people without any self-interest.

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman