Kelvin: Long Queue Reduce, Glad To See Checking Booth Set Up For Public.


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

This morning i dropped by Poslaju again to “spot check” on the implementation of some “short term” measures that was agreed upon to help with the long queue and improve their services.

While the queue is still long today, but they have already set up a checking booth for the public to check first if their parcel is at the centre before they queue up and wait. A few customers came and checked and found out their parcel has not arrived so they didn’t have to waste their time to queue.

Some of the staff also went one by one to check with those in the que to help them check the availability of their parcel at the centre. This will help cut short the queue and save time for those customers.

I was also informed that they have hired an additional 11 new part-timers to deliver the parcels and also increase their delivery frequency in the major areas around Kuching. With more deliveries, more customers may not need to come and queue up to collect their items and hopefully this again will help cut short the queue.

On top of that, they also implemented a proper system for those collecting more than 10 parcels to collect them at a different designated time so they do not hold up the queue for others that are also queing up.

Since the implementation of MCO, many parcels were stuck in KL due to logistical issues, causing delays in its delivery especially to East Malaysia. Since the announcement of the RMCO, flight and cargo frequency especially from KL have increased and this will help fasten the transportation of parcels from KL to Sarawak clearing the backlog since the implementation of MCO.

This was part of our early discussion with the leadership of Poslaju in the State during my last visit where they agreed to implement some short-term changes including;

  • (1) Setting up a checking booth at PosLaju centres for the public to check first if their parcel is at the centre before they queue up and wait.
  • (2) Improving their customer care hotline so that make inquiries can be answered without the need for public to travel all the way for any inquiries.
  • (3) Hiring of more post riders ( fulltime/part time ) to improve frequency and coverage of delivery.
  • (4) Proper handling of “runners”, or a designated time for them so they do not delay the rest of the public that are also waiting in the queue.

They are looking at implementing these suggestions at all high traffic centres around Sarawak including Kuching, Sibu Bintulu & Miri.

I am grateful for the prompt response and concern shownfor the issues raised by the team from Poslaju. I do hope they will continue to improve their services for the convenience and betterment of the people especially as e-commerce are being heavily utilised and promoted during this period.

I looking forward to working closely with them as together we will strive to serve the community better.

Will continue to follow up and monitor the progress for convenience of the people.