Increasing Number of Bankruptcy Cases Signs of PN Government’s Failure


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Notices of Bankruptcy Order in the newspapers. This goes to show that many people are suffering despite whatever the so-called ‘Prihatin’ PN government said about rendering financial assistance for the past one year.

When a person is made bankrupt (and most of the time, this is the breadwinner of a household), the problem is sure to compound more problems for the affected person including mental health issues. The people should take a look around and judge for themselves how this ‘Prihatin’ PN government have been performing over the past year.

At every turn, we see small businesses failing and closing down. We hear stories of how families members lose their jobs and end up having to rely on donations to put food on the table. On top of that, the occasional flood cause additional heartache as furniture are spoilt by the flooding yet at the same time, these people have no money to purchase any new mattress and/or furniture.

The Sarawak Government was quick to praise the Federal Government (and at the same time patting themselves on their own back) for the RM2.95billion paid by Petronas to Sarawak in September 2020. Till now, we have yet to see any of this money being utilised effectively to assist Sarawakians particularly those with low and middle income.

Once again, we look at the unnecessary spending during these critical times by GPS such as RM60million for a new building for MPP. I urge GPS and Lo Khere Chiang to allocate these funds for much-needed infrastructure works instead.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen