DBKU Urged To Improve The Safety Of Accident-Prone Areas


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

We met with a minor accident yesterday while helping the public with Jabatan Kebajikan application at Jalan P Ramlee. It turns out that the area is an accident-prone area hence the deplorable and odd location of the drainage had become a well-known trap to unfamiliar road user in the area. A potential deathtrap.

While waiting for the tow truck, many have dropped by offering helps. To our surprise, many too have raised their concern on the condition of the drainage and its ‘odd’ design. Even those familiar with the area also once fall victim, what more to those not frequent the area. We were told by those who approached us that many complaints had been filed to DBKU over the years, but the issue persists. The accident has become a common occurrence, with workers from nearby shops had helped many stranded cars.

We urged DBKU to act immediately on accident-prone areas such as this lest something worse happened. One thing for sure, the site also flash flood-prone, which further escalates the risk. Prevention is better than cure.

This is also not the first site we encountered where DBKU has yet to address the issue while mishaps keep happening. The junction at the traffic light crossroad with Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (formerly Jalan Keretapi) and Green Road was full of scratched markings and severely damaged railing. The only thing preventing road users from the mishap is the ‘half gone’ hazard tape tied around the severely damaged railing. We had filled with DBKU since last year. We were also concerned about students’ and parents’ frequency of usage along the nearby schools’ walkways.

We urge DBKU not to wait further, especially in accident-prone areas with frequent mishaps. The priority of the road users is of utmost importance, especially in avoidable cases such as this. We do not need to wait for something worse to happen, only then to take action.

Julian Tan
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen.