GPS Act Like A Fool In Fact of Combination of New Government


Statement by Chong Chieng Jen:

It is foolishly naive and ridiculous to think that the UMNO PAS led federal government will do good to Sarawak.  No amount of allocation, even if there is any additional, can compensate for the destruction the such a combination will do to the fundamental social structure and system of the country.

The scandalous corrupt practices of UMNO can be epitomised in the 1MDB case and the famous “RM2 million is just my pocket money” statement in Court.  That was the reason when the voters in 2018 voted against the BN.  It was a rejection by the people of Malaysia and Sarawak of a corrupt regime.

What the GPS has done now by supporting the UMNO PAS government is not only putting the corrupt regime back in power but at the same time putting the religious bigots in power.  It is a double whammy against the interest and rights of Sarawak.  Thanks to GPS, PAS is now in the federal government and sitting in the cabinet deciding on the general policies of the country.  This surely will pose a threat to the secularism of our Federal Constitution and also that of Sarawak’s social structure.  

There is no way that GPS can shield Sarawak from the policies and laws implemented by the Federal Government.  Take for examples, our children’s education, the healthcare system, financial system, business ecosystem, all of these are part and parcel of our everyday lives and they will all be subject to inputs from PAS ministers and their ideology in the cabinet.

Therefore, all the claims by GPS that it is fighting for Sarawak’s rights are just pulling wools over Sarawakians’ eyes, when it can support and be part of a government that will compromise the basic social structure of Sarawak.  

In 1976, the GPS, under their previous body of BN, has compromised Sarawak’s rights in respect of our natural oil and gas resources.  This time, the GPS has done greater injustice to Sarawakians by putting PAS in Federal Government.