YB Kelvin Yii donates Infra-Red Thermometers to SGH to help with fight against COVID-19


Statement by Kelvin Yii:

We paid a courtesy visit to Sarawak General Hospital(SGH) recently to handover 14 non-touch infra-red thermometer that will be used by the staff all around the hospital in order to detect and prevent the spread of any infectious disease including COVID-19 especially among the staff themselves.

During my last visit, there shared with me this need of such thermometers especially in the clinics and wards especially when many of the thermometers that they use tight now were the common mercury thermometer which may not be the best option especially during the spread of the current infectious disease.

So with these non-touch thermometers in the clinics and ward, it will hopefully reduce the risk of any spread and it is also more hygienic in general for both patients and staff. I was informed that they will also utilised those extra thermometers to monitor and keep an eye on their staff as they are the ones that risk their lives daily to be on the frontline to make sure patients are well taken care of.

Actually i made the application to purchase more of such thermometers under my constituency funding to give more to hospitals and maybe the Klinik Kesihatan in my constituency.

However, last week my allocations was frozen due to the political uncertainty. But in view of the urgent need for these thermometers our office came out with our personal funds to purchase these thermometers for them so that there be no delays.

We will still continue to work our best to serve the Hospital and members of the public regardless of what position that we are in. I also took opportunity to thank the staff of the hospital for their hard work, commitment and dedication to take care of us and keep us safe amidst the spread of any virus.