Government Should Explain The Benefits Of Booster Dose To Public Better


Media Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

I took my Covid-19 vaccine 3rd dose at Parliament yesterday. I took a Pfizer, so all in all in have taken Pfizer-Pfizer-Pfizer.

So far the only effects im experiencing is a sore-arm on site of injection and abit of muscle lethargy. Even if some may experience more reactions, it is advisable to just take some Panadol to help ease the discomfort.

I really do encourage those that are eligible and need to take the 3rd or booster dose to take it to give more protection in view of the vaccine’s waning efficacy over time. This is especially important for those in the high risk elderly groups.

Recently i have received many calls from my constituents expressing worries about the 3rd shot especially when it comes to “mix & match” or heterologous vaccination.

Data have shown from studies from different countries including from Germany, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and many more on the advantage of heterologous vaccination which data have shown to increase its antibody levels.

The recent study in Thailand also did a study on mixing Sinovac with Pfizer and it has shown promising results as well. (Sino + Sino +Pfizer)
These two Thai studies showed higher neutralising antibody levels against the Delta variant with a Pfizer booster for recipients double-vaccinated with Sinovac compared to an AstraZeneca booster (attach the link to studies below)

Thailand and many other countries are currently doing heterologous vaccination.

While i understand some concerns that have been expressed by citizens, i strongly do encourage people to consider it benefits and extra protection it provides. If any doubts, you can always double-check with your local doctor.

The government should also increase materials to educate and share the benefits of vaccination to the public to remove the high level of hesitancy especially when it comes to heterologous vaccination.

Their concerns should not be taken lightly and if the government do not provide adequate resources for people to check, they will end up reading unverified news which may spread half-truths and even lies when it comes to vaccination.

That is why efforts to educate and encourage people to come out to be vaccinated again must be doubled to make sure no one gets left behind in order to get optimum protection from the virus.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching