Give More Assistance With Every Extension of MCO


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Now we are entering the 5th week of the current MCO. With the extension of the current MCO (which is supposed to expire on 28.06.2021) set for another extension by 2 weeks, whatever food aid the Sarawak government has previously given during the first week of MCO is not enough for most people.

Pictures of the food aid packs distributed by GPS through political parties like SUPP have circulated on social media. From the looks of the items given, the supplies given by GPS can barely sustain most people for 2-3 weeks. With many currently unable to work, GPS is leaving all of these people high and dry while waiting for the sky to fall.

With each of the GPS ADUNs having RM5 million allocation per year at their disposal, why are they not effectively utilizing the amount to help the people especially those from the B40 who are most severely hit by the MCO. Notwithstanding that DAP are discriminated against and deprived of public fund in allocation, we will continue to do our parts to help the people, especially during this difficult period.

Understanding the plight of the people, DAP took the initiative to continue its food aid initiative. Today, DAP Stampin Parliamentary team immediately arranged to come up with some food aid packs and distributed them to the residents of Kampung Sungai Tapang and Kampung Stampin.

I take this opportunity to urge the State Government to come up with more assistance for the people for every extension of the MCO. It is GPS’ inefficiency in tackling Covid-19 that causes the need for fresh extensions after extensions. As such, it is only right for the government to right their wrongs and it all starts with more assistance for the people.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen