Envision of the year 2020 by YB Kelvin Yii


Envision of the year 2020 by YB Kelvin Yii:

As we head into the year 2020, the atmosphere seems to be filled with a mix of frustration and despair. Maybe, at this junction as we head into the new year, it is a good opportunity for us to pause and reflect on what we envision to see especially in building a happy future for our nation and even future for our beloved nation.

It is saddening to see many quarters in our beloved nation still shackled by ethnic politicking that has poisoned our nation even after 50 over years of nationhood.

Such divisive sentiments have distracted us from real needed reforms and also addressing the economic concerns and inequality not just among races, but also regional demographics.

Even with certain frustrations and disappointments, i still take heart and encouraged by the good works of many ordinary Malaysians that work hard on a daily basis to treat the sick, educate our children or even work hard to put food on the table for their families.

Many even with noise of racial rhetorics, have lived harmonious among people of different race and religion and truly exemplify the principle of love thy neighbour regardless of background.

I am optimistic as i often see this bright spark in my home of Sarawak and even in Sabah. My wish is that our fight to restore our rights and rightful status in the federation is not just to correct our economic and historical grievances, but also so that we can take a bigger position to influence and exemplify to all how Malaysians in our diversity can live in unity and respect.

There is indeed wisdom looking East. We as Sarawakians has the potential to show to the world and play a bigger role on a national or even international sphere rather than thrive in isolation.

As we turn to the iconic year of 2020, it is important not be in caught in the negative, but see hope in the different bright sparks that gives us a sense optimism for a more inclusive, and positive future for Malaysia.

At times it may be tough, given the realities of the challenges in the nation’s political environment. While no one said that Malaysia’s political transition would be an easy process, but the reality is that most things worth fighting for are never easy.

And with that, i want to wish you all a Happy New Year to everyone. I apologise for any shortcomings and faults and pray that the year 2020 be a really defining year not just for our nation, but also for each and everyone of us.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching