DAP To Reclaim The Right To Contest In Batu Lintang In Coming State Election


Press Statement By DAPSY Kuching:

The DAP Socialist Youth Kuching strongly urges the leadership in Democratic Action Party to reclaim the right to contest in the state constituency of Batu Lintang in this coming Sarawak State Election.

In the last state election, the voters had given the mandate to Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to win in Batu Lintang state constituency but disappointedly the elected representative for the area has left to join another political party.

It is crystal clear that PKR has failed to defend the mandate and trust of the voters in Batu Lintang. Such act akin to the betrayal of the people.

The DAP Socialist Youth Kuching pointed out that due to the recent internal political turmoil and squabble in PKR, many leaders and members of PKR had quitted. The voters have lost faith and trust to give their support to a party without principles and to any political frogs.

“When DAP leaders and members went to the area of Batu Lintang, many voters indicated that they had lost confidence in PKR. Many voters even suggested and proposed DAP to come and stand in Batu Lintang state seat. For the feedbacks received while moving around the area, PKR has lost its popular support in Batu Lintang.”

We therefore appeal to PKR to look at the big picture and put the people’s interest above own party’s interest and leaders’ self egoistic by letting DAP to stand in Batu Lintang state seat. It is rather pointless for PKR to contest Batu Lintang state seat.

It is questionable whether the voters of Batu Lintang will give PKR a second chance. It is also questionable whether after winning, its representative will hop party and betray the rakyat again. We should avoid a situation whereby it actually does more harm than good and give GPS the upper hand to win over the seat.

In this regard, DAP Socialist Youth Kuching hopes that the party leadership could heed to the voices of the grassroots by striving to take back the right to stand and fight in Batu Lintang to win back the seat once again.

DAP Socialist Youth Kuching
16.7. 2020