Together With PPKKPB The DAP Jepak Set Up Fundraising For Bintulu Frontliner Equipment


Democratic Action Party Jepak Branch in collaboration with Persatuan Pendidikan Kesihatan Dan Keselamatan Pekerja Bintulu (PPKKPB) will officially organize a fundraising drive in Bintulu to assist those frontline medical staffs and solve the shortage of medical protection equipment faced by the medical staffs. This is to ensure the medical staffs who are at the frontline can receive the protection that they deserve and a minimum life guarantee.

“After discussion with the Chairman of PPKKPB, Mr. Vincent Lau, every citizen is responsible for the safety and health of those current medical staffs. PPKKPB will obtain the protection equipment through the strength of its own network. The immediate outcome is the aimed mission and objectives can be more effectively accomplished through the fundraising drive.” said Tonny Ung who is the chairman of DAP Jepak Branch cum organizing chairman for the said fundraising drive.

Tonny hopes that through the publicity in mass media, more people with a vision of shared responsibility in Bintulu will be able to participate in it. They together can donate the necessary protection equipment as the most practical equipment and supports are needed for the frontline medical staffs during this difficult time of fighting pandemic.

“I felt sad and hopeless about the government’s coordination on Covid-19 pandemic. Frontline medical staffs are facing the shortage of basic protection equipment, yet they are still dedicated to perform their duties to save more lives despite their lives are at stake”

He frankly highlighted that it is better for us to get everyone together to donate money and equipment with the own personal capacity to curb the problem of shortage instead of criticizing the government despite everyone is facing the economic challenges.

Tonny Ung also mentioned that any citizen who wishes to donate can transfer the fund to Persatuan Pendidikan Kesihatan Dan Keselamatan Pekerja Bintulu at Affin Bank Berhad account number 10-084-004542-6.

“Any inquiries, please either Whatsapp the mentioned number, 0168094400(Vincent) and 0138303885(Tonny) or email to The association will thereafter send the receipt to the donors as a proof” said Tonny Ung.

In order to lead by example and encourage the public to do so, Tonny Ung would be with the treasurer of DAP Jepak branch, Mr. Lee and Chairman of PPKKPB as well to donate RM2,000 each which sum up to RM6,000 to this donation drive for helping the medical frontliners.

At the same time, he also hoped that all citizens can play their role and the responsibilities during the current period of movement control order by giving the full cooperation to the authorities and adhering to the guidelines of MCO to minimize the chances of infection.

This is also the way to show best respect and protection for the beloved family and frontline medical staffs as well. Tony Ung also thanked all the frontline medical staffs, police officers, armies and press reporters.