DAP Donates Portable Aspirator to SGH


This morning, DAP Sarawak handed over 2 Portable Aspirator (Quiet Suction Pump) costing more than RM 8, 000 ++  sourced through public donations to Sarawak General Hospital(SGH) to to address the urgent need of such equipment especially for COVID-19 patients in the ICU.

The equipments were handed over to SGH this morning by Mr Julian Tan, Ex-MP for Stampin.

This equipment is especially important for patients that are intubated as it helps sucks out thick liquids such as blood, phlegm etc from the tube and patients airway so they do not choke on these liquids. This is important as one of the major complication of the virus is that it affects lung function of the patient causing the need in some patients to be intubated. This device helps with the suction of such liquids automatically from their airways in case the the medical workers are busy with other urgent matters.  

Since the surge of the number of COVID-19 cases in Sarawak, DAP has been actively sourcing for medical equipments and other essential supplies especially for our front liners and healthcare workers.

We are still working hard to source for more essential equipments to help our hospitals and clinic deal with this pandemic and we are expecting the next few batches of materials to arrive in the next few days.

They have given so much to us and it is only right that we also give back to them. That is why we all have a collective responsibility, to take care of one another and the best way is for us to stay home, and to abide by the MCO order. This will not only help curb the spread of the virus but also help ease the burden on our medical workers so they can fully concentrate on those that really need treatment.

We would like to thank all the donors and also all the front liner for their commitment, hard work and sacrifice for us all. Day in and day out, their carry out their responsibilities diligently to make sure we are protected and taken care of.