SUPP Supports What Is Blatantly Wrong, DAP Fight For What Is Right


Press Statement By Nethiyananthar A/L Balalingam:

The committee of DAP Stapok Branch notices that Sivanesan Shanmugalingam is now the SUPP Stakan Branch’s Secretary again. This is news to us as on 02.10.2020, he had resigned abruptly as SUPP Stakan Branch’s secretary and his resignation was widely published in the local news.

He cited disillusionment with the party’s leadership as the reason for quitting SUPP. Now within a short span of one year, he has rejoined SUPP. With this flip-flopping behaviour, we would just wait and see when he will again quit SUPP or jump to another party.

For over 27 years, Sivanesan has yet to do anything for the minorities particularly the Indian community. Even with this small community of a little over 2,000 people, we have yet to see any events or activities being organised for our Indian community. There is no welfare assistance and/or uplifting of the economic development of the Indian community

Till now, we have yet to see the Sarawak Government, of which SUPP is a part, even declaring any of the Indian festivities like Thaipusam and Deepavali as a public holiday. This is despite our Sarawak Government trying to portray itself as a government for all races and that promotes racial harmony.

It is due to these failures that many from the Indian community have since joined DAP. Instead of supporting a blatant wrong by Sim Kiang Chiok, SUPP Stakan Branch should be focusing on issues for the community at large.