SUPP Is The Ultimate Disappointment


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

It is typical of SUPP crying disappointment when they are actually the source of that disappointment. Yesterday, Sim Kui Hian claimed that he was disappointed with the Federal Government’s action of appealing against the High Court’s decision regarding the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Christians. To me, this is again just another dubious political stunt by SUPP. As a component of PN, SUPP together with its fellow GPS coalition members holds a significant number of positions in the federal cabinet. With that position of power, GPS should have been fully aware of the deliberation and stand its ground against the making of that decision.

GPS had boasted itself to be the kingmaker for the Federal Government. However, regrettably, this episode shows how they are merely a pawn and are still being dictated by other extreme parties like PAS and Bersatu. Instead of being a party that puts Sarawak first, GPS has put Sarawak on the back burner. All their repeated failure show us that GPS has no political will and power when it comes to protecting Sarawak and our rights.

Recently, many political leaders from Sabah and Sarawak in a rare bipartisan call released a joint statement urging the Federal Government to withdraw its appeal against the High Court’s recent ruling. They have all come out as a united force in support of the use of ‘Allah’ to be allowed by non-Muslims.

Perusing the joint statement, Sim Kui Hian and other SUPP leaders have conveniently neglected to show their support for this bipartisan call. This is saddening considering their constant vocal ‘opposition’ on the subject matter.

All these narrative by SUPP are just empty talk that is intended to impress. The people of Sarawak are smart enough. The constant charade of being a champion of Sarawakians may fool one or two but it will not fool the entire state. GPS is at the end of the day just pawns being sacrificed by the PN government to further their own agenda and to their desperate hold of power.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen