Stop Issuing Misleading Half-Truths In The Public


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

It is incorrect for Shankar Ram’s lawyer and Wong King Wei to allege that Chong Chieng Jen had also delayed in complying with the Court’s directions to file documents in the Sim Kui Hian vs Chong Chieng Jen defamation action.

The statements issued by Shankar Ram’s lawyer and Wong King Wei give the public an impression that there is bias in the Court’s treatment in the case. But in actual fact, there was no wilful delay on the part of the Defendant in filing the document.

As the lawyer handling the case on behalf of Chong Chieng Jen, I can safely say that we have complied with the directions in filing the relevant document as meted by the Court.

On the second note, the decision of the Judicial Commissioner to cite Shankar Ram for contempt of Court was not solely on the ground that he had delayed in filing the Plaintiff’s documents. There is more to that as ruled by the Judicial Commissioner and this is recorded in the Notes of Proceedings of the day in question.

As the case will be called up for further mention on 03.02.2021, I will leave the details for submission in Court.

Meanwhile, to answer to the allegation made by Wong King Wei, it suffices for me at this juncture to say that there was no wilful delay on the part of Chong Chieng Jen in filing document for the case and I call upon Wong King Wei not to make further half-truth statements against Chong Chieng Jen, myself as well as the Court.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen