Stop Cheap Publicity, Give Constructive Input Instead


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Political stunt or not, what matters is the activities that DAP introduce helps the people directly. Till today, many contacted DAP to seek assistance to ferry them to the various vaccination centre. This initiative also helps to encourage people to register for the Covid-19 vaccine, particularly those who may opt not to register because they do not have transport to the vaccination centres.

The initiative as announced by YB Chong Chieng Jen also served the taxi industry which has been battered by the Covid-19 pandemic. With no tourists coming into the state, they have all lost their source of income for the last 1 year. As part of the government, SUPP should be coming up with more elaborate and comprehensive packages to help these people. However as history has shown over the last 58 years, GPS is not able and willing to understand and also to take care of the plight of the people.

Thus far, SUPP especially Milton Foo has yet to do anything beneficial for the people out of its own initiative. The recent distribution of food aid as announced under BKSS 6.0 was a programme by the Welfare Department but was hijacked by SUPP to be its political agenda. Even when SUPP was clearly trying to gain political mileage based on the people’s misery brought upon by the government’s inability to combat Covid-19, DAP welcomed the food aid because it was something that benefits the people during these times.

On one hand, the government is asking everyone to play their part in helping to combat Covid-19. With that, DAP took it upon itself to make the vaccine more accessible by offering free transportation service to the vaccination centres. Yet, on the other hand, Milton Foo is effectively saying DAP should do nothing at all.

So rather than just seeking cheap publicity in the press by making nonsensical comments, I urge Milton Foo to either come up with more constructive ways to help the people at this point in time or just to zip it!

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen