DAP Will Continue To Focus On Helping People To Get Vaccinated


Press statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

Our DAP team will continue to be on the ground to help transport members of the public especially the elderly and OKUs for their vaccination appointment even though we are accused of seeking “cheap publicity” by certain quarters.

Our focus will continue to serve the people the best we can and make sure as many Sarawakians especially the elderly and OKUs that are high risk to get severe symptoms if infected get their vaccination as soon as possible and not miss their appointments.

This initiative was started since the beginning of the National Vaccination Programme to encourage people to sign up and to remove any obstacles for the public especially the elderly from attending their appointments. Many of them have no transport as their children are either away in another town or State for work. We have received call even from children staying in KL and other parts of West Malaysia to ask us to help transport their elderly parents living alone here in Kuching.

Since then, my office has transported many elderlies daily to all the PPVs all around Kuching and accompanied them throughout the process.

This is especially important, as many may not be familiar with the whole process, some are not fluent in Bahasa or English, or some may have special needs or mobility problems. We have helped many that required special help including those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, different chronic diseases and those requiring wheelchairs.

However due to increase demands, we at DAP Sarawak have discussed with the Taxi Association here in Kuching to help transport those who needs transportation to their specific PPVs to-and-fro. The fees for taxi will be fully paid by us.

Although, for those elderly and OKU that may need special guidance during the whole process, my office will continue to personally transport and accompany them through the process based on our capacity and availability as we have limited drivers.

Even though we are the elected representatives of the area, we are not provided with government allocations as the opposition but we will try our best to play our part with our own resources and kind donations from the public for the good of the people .We may not have much, but we will try to do as much as we can.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching