SMC Urged To Act Fast On Dilapidated House On The Verge Of Collapse


Press Statement By Irene Chang:

I call on SMC to take urgent action in respect of the houses at 11C and 11D Jalan Amoy. The three houses have been abandoned for a long time and been in a dilapidated state for long time. After the recent heavy rain, they are now on the verge of collapsing, which may cause the other connected wooden houses to be pulled down together with them. If that happens, the overhead electricity and telephone cables would surely also be dragged down, thereby posing a danger to the whole row of the other houses and their residents. It might also cause electrical sparks and short circuits as one of the abandoned houses still had live energy electricity meter with damaged electrical cables.

Because of this risk and danger and even though the owner has not been located, I had called SESCO to have it disconnected to prevent any untoward fire incident. Any fire breakout would be disastrous as the rows of houses at Amoy Road are wooden houses and it would cause unimaginable disaster to the lives and livelihood of the
people staying there.

SMC should take immediate action to look for the owners of the abandoned houses and order that these houses be either repaired or demolished as they are in such a condition that no person can live there safely. The continued existence of these houses is no longer just unsightly but also dangerous to the neighbors and others staying along the same road. The dilapidated condition is also unsanitary and is therefore unhygienic to the health of these residents.

SMC should also note that they have the authority to seek a court order for the demolition of houses unfit for habitation under section 114 of the Local Authorities Ordinance 1996. Of course, it is best if SMC can locate the owners and secure their cooperation to either repair or demolish those houses. Whichever, SMC should not remain idle in this respect as their inaction might pose a real danger to the residents staying at Amoy Road, especially to those staying next to these houses.