SMC and GPS state government have a lot to answer.


The new Malaysia government has put in place the cash grant program as a means of assisting the B40 households. Since February 2019, the rakyat has been urged to apply BSHR or update their information so that they can receive their 2nd and 3rd batch entitlement of BSHR.

The federal government through LHDN has been busy setting up counters trough out the state to help the rakyat as the dateline of submission is 15 March 2019. However, due to the vast size of the state many have yet successfully applied for or updated their information as required.

While the federal government is busy helping, the Sarawak GPS government on the other hand has been accused of refusing to give a helping hand as the District offices throughout the state has refused to help the rakyat in the process when approached by the rakyat.

The setting up of district office or Resident office was for the sole purpose of serving the rakyat especially the folks in the rural areas of Sarawak.

In view of the above-mentioned, DAP Sarawak has mobilized our machineries to help the rakyat through our service centers throughout Sarawak and the setting up of counters at crowded areas such as the markets and commercial centers.

DAP in Sibu have 4 service centers and we have been helping those who came to our centers and we intended to set up the counters at Sibu central market and Sibu Jaya pasar tamu to help the rakyat. We wrote in to the SMC and SRDC for the permit to set up the counters there to help.

The application was submitted on Monday (25-2-2019) and we were informed by the SMC that our application has been rejected yesterday (28-2-2019).

We were puzzled and confused why is the SMC refusing to let us help the people? The central market is the best location for us the set up the counter as it is the biggest market in Malaysia and people from all over Sibu come to this market, including those from the rural areas.

There are only two things that come to our mind for their refusal:

1) The directive form the State Secretary, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Hj. Mohamad Morshidi, to all the Resident Offices in Sarawak, dated 11th October 2018 forbidding all the Ketua Masysrakat & Ketua Kaum to participate on any programs or activities not organized by the state government.

2) The GPS is worried about losing their power in the coming election and thus would go all out to stop the rakyat from receiving aids from the feeral government.

3) BSHR is a good program, the informationin the data base will let the rakyat benefit from the many people-centric programs apart from the cash grant to reduce the burden of the B40 and the GPS knows they cannot match the federal government’s programs.

We condemn the SMC to put politics above the welfare of the people and we want the people to see the true color of the GPS who on one hand say they are the protector of our state rights but on the other hand stopping Sarawakians from receiving the aids they are entitled.

We will continue to serve the rakyat through our service centers and the people can come to any of our service centers for assistance.

David Wong
ADUN Pelawan
DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman