Sarawak Government Should Do More For Businesses During CMCO


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

The current CMCO has been extended to 07.06.2021. Although labelled as CMCO, it is effectively the same MCO as what is being imposed in Peninsula Malaysia because we are bound by the same SOPs that has been set by the National Security Council.

One of the main concerns amongst many business owners is how CMCO has affected their livelihood. We have over the past year seen how businesses especially coffee shops and reflexologies are susceptible to the frequent tightening of SOPs.

Many of these business owners have pleaded for the Sarawak government to step in and help them. Regrettably, their pleas fall on deaf ears. Till now, these business owners have to continue to pay the rent for their premise, the salary of their employees and also other statutory obligations. Despite their promise and commitment to comply with any SOPs which are to be set by SDMC, the government has continued to refuse their request to be allowed to operate.

This is utterly unfair to these business owners. Till today, there has yet to be any cluster that originates from any coffee shop or reflexology yet these businesses are the ones made to suffer more than the others.

These businesses are being harshly punished for the poor implementation of the situation by SDMC and the relevant authorities. It is time for the government to help all businesses (particularly coffee shops and reflexologies) by giving them special consideration to operate and also additional financial assistance for them to go through this difficult CMCO period.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen