Reconvene DUN and Be Bipartisan in Fighting Covid-19


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

The recent extension of the emergency in Sarawak is welcomed by DAP Sarawak with open arms. This localised emergency, which was first proposed by Chong Chieng Jen some time a week ago due to the high number of daily positive Covid-19 cases especially in Kuching, is precisely what Sarawak needs at the moment.

Make no mistake, this extended emergency is not anything to be happy about because it is yet another evidence of the failure and inability of the Sarawak government in dealing with the current pandemic. GPS has always prided itself on having immigration autonomy but where has that gotten us? The state government allows people to travel inter-districts freely and also in and out of the State with relaxed restrictions, thus leading to the spike in cases locally. 

We do not have to look very far to Singapore and Brunei to see how an efficient government is able to control the spread of Covid-19. Singapore even had its general elections before the entire population was vaccinated! The number of positive cases in Singapore dropped to double digits by the end of August 2020, a month after Singapore’s general elections. 

We have all lost more than a year due to this inefficiency and inability of the government. Much time, monies and lives have been lost and the worst thing is that at the current rate, many more will continue to be lost. 

The general public is sick and tired of the present situation. People have grown weary that they do not mind going through another total lockdown like what we experienced in MCO 1.0. However, the only caveat is that the lockdown must be strict and done properly with no relaxation of rules for anyone. 

I note that a few GPS politicians are still talking about holding the state elections despite the recent extension of the emergency. As such, I strongly urge GPS to focus all energy and attention on fighting Covid-19 instead of the upcoming 12th State Elections. At the same time, GPS should reconvene the Sarawak DUN and close ranks with all elected representatives to fight this war against Covid-19 together. 

Michael Kong Feng Nian 
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen