Petros LPG launched GPS government should lower the price of LPG in Sarawak


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

The devolution of LPG distribution rights from Federal Government to Sarawak PETROS has brought no joy to the common people of Sarawak as the price of the 14kg LPG tong still remain the same at RM26.60 per tong (which is RM1.90 per kg LPG).

For years, the price of a tong of 14kg LPG is sold at RM26.60 to the consumers.

The distribution cost for the delivery of the tongs was left to the discretion of the delivery service providers who deliver the tongs to the doorsteps of the consumers, varying from RM1.00 per tong to RM5.00 per tong depending on the distance and the number of tongs

The MA63 Steering Committee during Pakatan Harapan’s time has resolved that the distribution rights be devolved to the State and I have insisted that the Federal Government to continue provide the subsidy.

It was hoped with the devolution of power in the distribution of LPG from Federal Government to the State, the State will add on to the subsidy so that Sarawakians will be able to enjoy cheaper LPG.

However, it is sad to note that the GPS State Government, in the launch of the PETROS brand of LPG, had no intention of lowering the price of LPG for Sarawakians.

When we fight for devolution of power, the ultimate aim must be “people’s interest first”. If the GPS’s purpose of devolution of power is only for the sake of devolution of power and so that different groups of people getting the contracts, then that defeats the grand purpose of devolution power which is “people’s interest first”.

Therefore, I call upon the GPS Government to lower the price of LPG by at least 10% to RM23.80 per 14kg tong (RM1.70 per kg LPG). Let common Sarawakians share the fruits of devolution of power, not only the few elites and connected ones getting the benefits of devolution of power.

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman