People unhappy with the betrayal act of the Bidayuh leaders.


Join Statement By Sanjan Daik and Brolin Nicholsion:

  1. The Bidayuh leaders from Democratic Action Party(DAP) are really upset with the political maneuvering which sees the Pakatan Harapan collapsed by the betrayal by such move.
  2. What is more upset when one of the Bidayuh leaders from Pakatan Harapan is one of the politicians that starts the so-called “Shereton Move”.
  3. We the Bidayuh leaders from the DAP condemned such a betrayal act that betrays the people mandate given to the Pakatan Harapan.
  4. The people of Puncak Borneo expressed their unhappiness and despair to Sanjan Daik over the ‘jumping’ of their MP from Pakatan Harapan to the new government led by YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin. The Villagers in Puncak Borneo claimed their trust has been despised and betrayed by the Puncak Borneo MP.
  5. Therefore, the MP of Puncak Borneo should resign from his position as he is not elected under the Tan Sri Muhyiddin but was elected under Pakatan Harapan and to be specified under the PKR’s logo.
  6. Despite the change of the federal government, the local activities continued. Recently there two units of DAP mini branch have been set up in DUN Mambong which is at Kampung Simuti and Kampung Sadir in the upper Padawan area to help the community in that kampungs.
  7. Kampung Simuti has 48 houses with a total population of about 400 villagers while Kampung Sadir has 110 houses with a total population of about 700 people.
  8. During the Formation of the two units, Bam Anak Bakot was appointed as unit head for Kampung Simuti whilst Edwin Anak Kored as Unit Head for Kampung Saadir.