Lo Khere Chiang Is Beating Around The Bush, Not Answering The Question Pertaining On Traffic Congestion At 6th Mile


Press Statement By Abdul Aziz:

As I have expected, Padawan Municipal Council (“MPP”) Lo Khere Chiang would beating around the bush and rather not directly answering my simple questions pertaining on the traffic congestion along 6th Mile Jalan Penrissen.

Lo’s usual rhetoric and propaganda

As usual, Lo would resort to answering my questions by shifting the blame to Pakatan Harapan (“PH”). He posted his lame propaganda video accusing me of being ignorant or plain stupid. As a leader, Lo should be more gentleman and not to stoop so low by playing such rhetoric and propaganda. Such rhetorical and propaganda statement by Lo does not bring any progress or betterment to the society.

Lo’s inability to understand the real issue

Firstly, in my press statement dated on 25-10-2021, paragraph 3, I asked him that: “The pertinent issue here is why the main contractor decided to temporarily close the traffic light junction at 6th Mile Jalan Penrissen when they should have completed the construction of the flyover first? Wouldn’t it be wise for the main contractor to complete the construction of the flyover before they decided to temporarily close the traffic light junction at 6th Mile Jalan Penrissen?”. Any reasonable man who read my press statement would be able to understand my questions which were very straightforward.

For this press statement, I would like to humbly ask Lo with few questions that do not require him to crack his brain to answering me.

  1. In which part of my previous press statement that I put the blame on Sarawak Public Works Department (“JKR Sarawak”) and MPP pertaining to the delay of the Pan-Borneo Highway project?
  2. I do understand that Lo is very stressful but if his cognitive processes are still functioning, does he have the ability to differentiate between the delay of the Pan-Borneo Highway project and the traffic congestion due to the temporary closure of the traffic light junction?

It is like a wife asking her husband “what time are you coming home” and the husband answer “it’s raining” (the wife is asking about the time, not the weather condition, where in fact, the husband was cheating on the wife)

Lo’s bragging on his so-called ‘progress’

Secondly, in Lo’s press statement dated on 26-10-2021, paragraph 2, he bragged that he has been continuously monitoring the Pan-Borneo Highway project, including the 7th Mile and 10th Mile viaduct construction to Penrissen Road. My simple question to Lo:

  1. What is the progress of his ‘continuous monitoring’?
  2. Did his ‘continuous monitoring’ able to continuously relieve the traffic congestions?

As far as I know, whenever there is massive traffic congestion, he will come over to do Facebook Live and having a discussion with the contractors but the moment he left, the traffic congestion continues. This is not the first time his political stunts failed to produce any concrete solution. The public are fed-up of his political stunts.

Lo even continue to say that he has been continuously communicate with JKR Sarawak and the contractors. My simple question to Lo:

  1. If it is true that he has been continuously communicate with JKR Sarawak and the contractors, how come the traffic congestion along 6th Mile and 7th Mile continue to exist?

Either there has been continuous communication or communication breakdown; I will leave it to Lo to answer it.

Lo’s false hope

Thirdly, at paragraph 4 of Lo’s press statement, he “hoped that the people will be patient and tolerant”. The major remedial works for slope failure at the junction of Kpg Haji junction along Jalan Kuching-Bau is expected to be completed in eight months, hence, leaving the road users with no alternative. Then, instead of completing the construction of the flyover at 6th Mile, the contractors decided to temporarily close the traffic junction, thus, again, leaving the road users with no alternative but to face the traffic congestion day and night.

  1. How on earth does Lo expect for the public especially the road users to remain patient and tolerant when this issue has been prolonged for years?
  2. Few times I hear sirens and see red flashing lights indicating an ambulance is wanting to pass or cross the intersection but got stuck due to the traffic congestion and does Lo expect some tolerant on part of the ambulance driver?

Lo telling half-baked truth

Fourthly, at the same paragraph of his press statement, Lo claimed that “the project has been rushed day and night”.

  1. Does he have any evidence to prove to the public that the contractors do the upgrading works during night time?
  2. Has Lo ever passing Jalan Penrissen especially during night time (around 11:00 pm to 1:00 pm) to do spot-check?

I have been moving around that area especially during night time and I can guarantee him that his claimed contradicts with the reality. Even those who stay within that area can agree with me on this. If what his claim is true, I would like to challenge Lo to be transparent the public by showing the contractual terms and conditions that has been signed and agreed upon between the appointed contractors with JKR Sarawak.


I strongly urge Lo to use his brain and think outside of the box on how to solve the traffic congestions along Jalan Penrissen without resorting to lame rhetoric and propaganda. It is time for Lo to stop beating around the bush and start to be more serious in fulfilling his duty as a state elected representative. If he can’t stand the heat, get out from the kitchen. As such, I will continue to firmly hold Lo accountable to the public without fear.

Abdul Aziz Isa
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Batu Kitang Chairman
DAPSY Stampin Chief