Kelvin Yii contributed two exercise bicycles to help improve the quality of care for patients in SGH


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

In an effort to help improve the quality of care for patients going through physiotherapy treatment in Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), we contributed some exercise equipment including 2 exercise bicycles to the Physiotherapy Department SGH.

We were together with the Hospital Director Dr Chin Zin Hing, Head of Physiotherapy Department Tuan Hj Ismail bin Damit, different physiotherapist and other health professionals during the official handover of the equipment. One of the exercise bicycles given is a recumbent bike that is needed for patients that may be bigger in size or feel unstable on a regular exercise bike so that they also can get the needed physio treatment to help them recover especially from an injury or even stroke.

We paid a visit to this department few months back to understand the needs they have and how we can work together for the best interest of the patients. The Department put forth some request on some of the equipment they will need to provide better care for the patients.

So we made application for the purchase of the equipment and it went through a proper open tender process to get the best value for the specifications that is needed. We then allocated a total of RM 16, 800 for the purchase of the equipment on top of a further RM 5000 for the Physiotherapy Union in the hospital for their activities for interest of patients and staff.

This is the first few batches of equipment that we are purchased for the Hospital. We will continue to work together with the Hospital to provide our best to provide a conducive environment as well as help the staff provide the best quality of care for the patients that came all over from Sarawak and beyond.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP for Bandar Kuching