Kelvin: Government Shall Not Allow Hair Salon to Resume Business during MCO.


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

I disagree with the decision of the government to allow barber shop or hair salon to resume business during this MCO period as we are actually putting them to the risk of an exposure to the infection due to the close contact nature of their job.

This decision by the Federal Government was not properly thought through and even analyse the impact of it especially to the safety of the barbers and even their clients.

Are they also expected to wear PPEs also during their work now? How can social distancing be applied in such situation?

The possible risk of spreading infection between barbers or hairstylists and their customers is quite high as they would be in close proximity with one another, added to the fact that they would be in the same enclosed space for an extended time with limited space and ventilation.

This include the tools, scissors, blade use by the barbers. The virus can live on such items for hours so this may require them to sterilise it after every patient.

While i understand their struggles and that their income has been badly affected by the MCO, but i believe all of them also want to work without fear or the risk of being infected.

During this outbreak, we all have make some sacrifices, and i believe it is always better to lean on side of precaution for long term safety.

The Director General of Health, Datuk Dr Hisham has also asked that such businesses be continued to be close if not we may undermine all the good work that the Ministry of Health has already done.

I am glad a few States including Penang, Selangor and even Negeri Sembilan have said they will not follow the Federal directive and i hope Sarawak will follow along.