DAP sent 100 PPEs for Health Clinic Petra Jaya’s Frontliner


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

This morning, we went over to Klinik Kesihatan Petra Jaya to handover 100 PPE Coverals worth RM 8,000 to the clinic to protect the staff there especially those doing screening for Covid-19 among Medical Staff in the clinic.

Klinik Kesihatan Petra Jaya is has started a “drive thru” screening and sampling centre specifically for Medical or Front Line Staff to help ease the testing workload in Kompleks Belia Sukan so that over there they can concentrate on testing the general public.

We were informed by the Head of the Clinic that currently they are mainly concentrating on testing front liners and staff that were in contact with patients positive of Covid-19. Currently they test in average 30 test at they just started but are looking to increase the capacity if needed.

I encourage the setting up of more such fascilities and maybe open it to the public as it is quick and can minimise human contact as an effort to break the chain of infection. Such fascilities has been implemented in countries such as South Korea as such drive-through sampling is one of the more effective way as it is not only quicker, but it also helps promote proper distancing among the people.

That is why we contributed the PPEs to help protect their staff especially those involved with testing and also seeing patients that may be carrying the virus.

We hope this will help them as we show are utmost appreciation to all the frontliners that have served us tirelessly to protect and treat us.