Julian Urges MBKS For Quality Road Repair At Kampung Cemerlang


Press Statement By Julian Tan :

MBKS urged to look into the quality of road repair at Kampung Cemerlang.

Upon visiting the site, we noticed that some of the residential area streets are due for maintenance.  The repair work was also not done correctly and rendered them unusable.

The repairs were mere ‘a patch to the hole’, which is only suitable for aesthetics. When heavy vehicles such as rubbish trucks going through the ‘patches’, the damage is almost immediate as the ‘patch’ gave way and sink. It is also not the first time that rubbish trucks or heavier vehicle’s wheels got stuck inside the newly ‘patched’ hole.  There are many ‘give away patches’ at Kampung Cermelang. Most of the residents also avoid driving through such a section because the patches gave way, especially those driving heavy vehicles.

Proper maintenance of the road is vital for the safety of the road user. It is also economically viable to do it once correctly than the constantly ‘patch again’.

With Kuching city envisioning becoming a high-income and modern city, it is high time for the relevant engineering department to adhere to the guidelines for repairing roads. The city council may also need to revisit the guidelines for it to be relevant and in line with the latest available tooling and more cost-effective and efficient methods. It is not a coincidence that poorly done repair works are typical in the city and a nuisance. It causes not just a great inconvenience to the public but also the danger it posed.

Perhaps one day, the name Kampung Cemerlang can truly live up to its name where all the necessary infrastructures are appropriately maintained and built. Let it be the starting point where the ‘spirit of excellent’ excel for the city we all love, Kuching.