Health Clinic with Drive thru keeps social distancing to corp down COVID-19


Statement by Wong King Wei:

Padungan State Assemblyman Wong King Wei could not be more glad to learn that the Sarawak State Government has started a “drive thru” sampling centre at Petra Jaya Health Clinic here.

He is of the opinion that such a facility is timely given that it would minimise human contact so as to practise social distancing to keep Covid-19 at bay.

“One of the pertinent ways to break the chain of infection is to increase the screening rate. The Movement Control Order (MCO) itself will not be sufficient to break it without increasing the screening rate,” he said.

Wong observed that some countries like South Korea had managed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic through mass screening.

“And drive thru sampling is one of the most successful ways to do it, as not only is it quicker it also keeps distance between the people,” he said.

Wong said it is high time for all Sarawakians to have each other’s back to get through this crisis as a united force.

“Provide constructive suggestions and give credit when credit is due,” he added.