GPS Minister made an incorrect statement on the source of welfare allocations in Sarawak


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

Recently, the State Minister YB Fatimah made a statement that “Statistics do not lie” and that the Sarawak Government last year allocated RM 183, 989, 980  as welfare assistance for distribution by Welfare Department for those in need.

However, what she is not telling  the people is that 80% of that allocation or RM 146,320,080 is from the Federal Government and only 20% or RM 37,669,900 is from the State Government.

So for her to claim and take credit claiming that such allocations are purely from the State Government is untrue, and maybe an deliberate act to mislead the public.

This shows that the federal government is concern with the plight and issues face by the poor in Sarawak and will continue allocations directly to the people through money saved from good governance and anti-corruption measures.