Extremist Netizens Threaten Yii with Death


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

I am saddened by the racist, divisive and even death threats written by a coordinated group of netizens on my public social media page in response to a post with regards to “PAS’s suggestion to suspend sale of alcohol until drunk driving is resolved”

It is my believe that the issue of drunk driving is an important issue that we need to seriously address. This issue is also not a racial issue as both the perpetrators and even the victim can be of any race.

However, the issue is complex and real long-term solutions through a combination of proper education, incentives, social messaging, engagement and of course heavier punishments.

And such solutions should take different holistic approach without infringing or taking away the rights of others especially in a plural and multicultural country like Malaysia. I stand defend our country’s multiculturalism and the secular nature especially here in Sarawak as enshrined under our Federal Constitution and protected under the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

While I welcome differences in opinion and even differences in political affiliation, but I strongly condemn such racist, vulgarity and divisive sentiments including death threats towards my own personal safety and even the safety of my family.

Malaysia is a multicultural and pluralistic country and we should not allow hate and such extremism to take root and undermine the unity and harmony in our country. A police report was made for my personal safety and the safety of my family and I hope the authorities will take this issue seriously.