Don’t Leave Out Small Owner Operator Businesses From BKSS7.0


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

The State Government should not leave out the owner operator business entities from the BKSS 7.0 financial aids.

The BKSS 7.0 recently announced by the GPS Government only pays the RM10,000 to those active business entities registered with PERKESO under the SOCSO scheme and the RM10,000 will be paid in 2 instalments of RM5,000 in September and another RM5,000 in December, 2021.

With the main selection criteria of having to have been registered with PERKESO, the State Government has literally excluded those owner operating businesses which do not have any employee.

As owners, be it sole proprietor or partners of a company, they are not covered under the SOCSO scheme with PERKESO and thus are not allowed to register with the scheme. There are many businesses of such scale and nature where the partners or owners do not need to employ employees but do all the work themselves.

As they are not allowed, under the law, to register with PERKESO, they are now also excluded from the BKSS 7.0 financial aids, even though they do contribute to our State’s GDP and they also suffer tremendously under the Covid-19 pandemic.

To exclude them from such BKSS 7.0 financial aids from the Government is thus most unfair to them.

Therefore, I call upon the State Government to make adjustment to the criteria for the BKSS 7.0 financial aids to include this group of business entities in the said aids.