DAP Handed Over Esemtam Wash Lotion For Sentosa Hospital Frontliner


Press Statement By Kelvin Yii:

This morning, a team from DAP Kuching was at Sentosa Hospital to hand over two cartons of “Esemtam Wash Lotion” worth about RM 1700 to the staff and healthcare workers in the hospital.

This is a follow-up after we contributed new stocks of PPEs, mattresses, pillows and food rations worth about RM 9000 to the hospital for the staff yesterday. We were contacted by them where they urgently requested for supplies of this wash lotion which is important for all the staff to use especially during this period.

Esemtam wash lotion is a soap-free gentle wash lotion designed for washing prior to surgical and hygienic hand disinfection. It is important specially so that the staff can use to disinfect themselve from the virus especially after being in the ward or when handling patients. It is important not only to protect and keep themselves safe, but also keep the patients and other people around them safe as well.

The virus currently has already affected 21 patients in that cluster. This has caused the hospital to be partially lockdown. Even so, it is still functioning as there are in-patients in the hospital and the doctors and healthcare workers are continueing to sacrifice and commit to give the patients quality care and treatment.

We would like to specially thank all the front liners and staff that continue serving and caring for all patients, even with all the sacrifice and troubles they have to go through.

Due to the cluster, many of the staff have to be quarantined in a designated area in the hospital as they need to continue treating and caring for the patients. The conditions of the quarantine area are not ideal, as we were informed that they do not have proper pillows or even linens for their bed. The internet connection in that area is also not ideal in the quarantine area.

They have no choice but to be separated from their love ones and families during this tough period that is why it is our duty to make sure they are well taken care off and properly protected during this time. They have sacrificed so much for us and it is important we support and give back to them as well.

We hope these supplies on top of what was given yesterday will make it more comfortable for them during this period. We are still in active contact with the hospital to find ways we can help and also play our part to curb the spread of the disease.

We may not have much resources as our funding from the government has been cut, but we will still try our best to give as much as we can.

All of us play a part to curb this disease. Regardless of the colour zoning and classification, all the necessary precautions and protocols should already be in place to make sure SOPs are follow and the public are aware of the severity of the matter.

We do not have to wait until it is red to take this seriously and take all the necessary precautions. That is why I strongly urge the authorities to increase enforcement to make sure SOPs are properly followed in all public areas and I strongly encourage public to wear a mask when in public, limit their outdoor activities during this period, continue to wash their hands often and keep social distancing.

The “tidak apa attitude” can be deadly now to some people and that why it must be removed Masking protects the community, not just you.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching