Budget 2020 is the most allocation to Sarawak compared to past years under BN’s time


Press Statement by YB Chong Chieng Jen:

This is the most allocation that Sarawak has got compared to all the past years under BN’s time.

Out of a total RM30 billion Development Expenditure by states, Sarawak gets RM4.5 billion which is 14.8% of the amount. In BN’s time there has never been such high proportion.

The budget is business friendly, having very diverse grants and lots of tax exemption. This will encourage more entrepreneurship. It also provides a clear direction for the economy and business sectors to move towards digitalization and IR4.0.

There is also a very strong effort by the government to encourage employment and move away from over-dependence on foreign labor. Huge incentives for youth and women employment.

I think most people who’ll have some benefits here and there from the budget. It just goes to show that, with a government that is not corrupt, the tax payers’ money can go a long way helping the people, the economy and the country to grow.

Abang Jo said that Sarawak does not need federal funds to develop. Sarawak government can develop the state with its own resources. That is a very illogical and unwise thinking.

I hope that the state government will work together with the federal government for the implementation of all the projects for which the allocation has been made in the Budget 2020.

I will make the necessary arrangement for the MoF officers and the relevant agencies of the federal government to brief the business sector in Sarawak of all the grants, facilities and incentives provided in the Budget 2020 so that the Sarawak business sector can optimize the benefits provided.

Chong Chieng Jen
Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs