152 covid Death in Last 2 Weeks, What Has Gone Wrong in Sarawak?


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

For the past 2 weeks from 27.10.2021, Sarawak recorded 152 Covid related death. This is the highest amongst all states in the country.

Despite all the claims by Dr Sim Kui Hian that SDMC is doing a good job, the truth is that Sarawak is one of the worst State in terms of Covid pandemic management.

Not only Sarawak is amongst the State with the highest Covid-19 infection cases, what was previously touted by Dr Sim and the GPS as Sarawak having very low death rate has also turned out to be untrue.

According to the official data released by the Ministry of Health as at 27.10.2021, Sarawak recorded the highest Covid related death per 1 million population.

Data on Covid related death for the past 2 weeks from 27.10.2021 shows that the national average on Covid related death per 1 million person was 22, but that of Sarawak was 54, ranking top on the list.

The irony of the matter is that, such phenomena occurred despite all the extra measures imposed by SDMC, the extra quarantine for entry into Sarawak, the SDMC self-created SOPs in addition to the KKM’s SOP. The Sarawak Government even created the “Qmunity” Apps in addition to the MySejahtera Apps used nationwide.

It just goes to show that the SDMC’s self-created SOPs are not only ineffective in containing the pandemic, but it has caused much unnecessary confusion amongst the people and resulted in more economic losses to Sarawakians.

It seems that instead of focusing on managing the pandemic, some of these GPS leaders are more concerned about trying to project the image of “Sarawak First” and autonomy of the State in the Covid management. At the end, Sarawakians were put to greater inconvenience, greater economic losses, greater number of infection cases and greater number of Covid related deaths.

Dr Sim, as the advisor to SDMC and the State Minister in of charge health in Sarawak owes Sarawakians an explanation on the high infection rates and death rate in Sarawak which is abnormally high compared to all the other states in the Country.

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman