To test or not to test ?That is the question many are asking these days.—Chong


Statement by Chong Chieng Jen:

TO TEST OR NOT TO TEST? That is the question many are asking these days.

The chairman of Sarawak’s Disaster Relief Committee Douglas Uggah again calls on everyone who has had close contacts with covid-19 infected person to immediately go to hospitals to do tests.

Most if not all who has had even the slightest contact with anyone suspected of covid-19 infection will want a covid-19 test done on him or her immediately. But there is simply not enough test kits and medical personnel to do it.

The professionals at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) has put this sign up at the SGH.

This signage is placed at the SGH giving a clear message that if one does not have symptoms, DO NOT go to hospitals or clinics to do the Covid-19 test.

Whose instruction to follow? Douglas Uggah’s or the professionals’ in SGH?

For me, I will take the advice of the professionals in SGH.

Meanwhile, I will stay home and practise social distancing as advised.

This, according to theprofessionals and the medical staff, is the best way to help in the fight against covid-19.