Keep the Clean Energy for our Local Industrialist and Entrepreneus


Media Statement By YB Chong Chieng Jen:

I wish to state my stand in opposing the proposed sale of 1000 MW clean energy to Singapore or Semenanjung Malaysia.

As indicated by the Minister of Utilities and Telecommunication in May sitting Sarawak energy generation capacity is 5,745 Megawatts and the demand is 4,627 MW with the projection that by 2028, the generation capacity will increase to 8,240 MW while demand will increase to 6,460 MW.

With that ratio of power generation and demand, how will Sarawak be able to supply the 1000 MW outside Sarawak given that we must also maintain a reserve margin and the recommended reserve margin International Energy Agency (IEA) is 20% to 35%.

If Sarawak so decides to sell the 1000MW to Singapore or West Malaysia, then we will not have the electricity reserve margin which may result in more frequent electricity interruption.

More importantly, what the State Government proposes to sell is 1000 MW clean energy which will give advantage to the competitiveness of their industry as compared to our industry.

Given the global awareness in climate protection and the increased emphasis on clean energy, clean energy is now a very valuable commodity as it will add to the value of the products produced using clean energy.

Therefore, instead of selling clean energy to Singapore, the State Government and Sarawak Energy Berhad should plan to capitalise the clean energy to enhance the competitiveness of our local industry so that the local industries and exporters have an advantage over the others.

In the premises, I urge the Government to formulate a system and issue Clean Energy Certificates to our local industries especially those involved in exporting their products so that their products can fetch higher prices.