Sarawak Government Urged To Stop Quarry Operation Near 7th Mile


Press Statement By Chong Chieng Jen:

I call on the Government to stop the quarry operation near 7 th Mile Bazaar as the quarry is too near to residential area.

For the information of the House, the quarry operation has now blasted to a depth of a fewhundred feet depth and it is very near residential houses in the vicinity.

The residents suffered in anxiety that the strata of the land under their houses may be undermined by the incessant blasting from the quarry. They have petitioned to the authority to call for the stoppage of the quarry operation, but to no avail.

The quarry is now owned by SEDC and is within the control of the Government of Sarawak.

The Government should not risk the lives of thousands of residents in the adjacent area just for the benefit of one quarry company.

With the incessant blasting by the quarry, how can the government guarantee the quarry wall stability and integrity and that there will not be massive landslide caused by the quarry wall failure.

Chong Chieng Jen
Adun Kota Sentosa