Local Business Yet To Develop For A Better Sarikei


For a society to flourish, we need more than electricity, water supply and road networks, although these are minimum facilities for any civilized society.

The government must be able to create livelihood for the people. Sarikei people in particular must be able to earn decent income. When Sarikei people especially the younger generations have proper education and good job, they will not have to go so far like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or overseas like Australia ,New Zealand, United States , Canada Or Britian to earn a living, they will stay in Sarikei and contribute to Sarikei economy and prosperity

Our strongest asset is Sarikei has plenty of idle and fertile land As a Sarikeian, my heart sunk each time I flow over Sarikei, there are thousands and thousands acres of idle land not developed yet.

We want the state land to be given fairly to able and willing farmers, so they develop them into prosperous farm. We have to teach and educate them with right technical skills .So productivity will be high and income sufficient to support a decent living.

The state government must also invest heavily in downstream processing industries so excess produces can be processed into canned, air-dried and package products that have a much longer shelf life. On top of that, the government must have a mechanism to support the prices of the produce. With guaranteed fair and reasonable price, farmer will be assumed of stable income.

When people are assured of decent and stable income through hard work and dedication, the society will proper.